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We have tried to make this site as convenient and easy to use as possible whilst still including a vast amount of up-to-date contact information plus useful local data on each country. It has been designed to be fast and very usable for all viewers including those with impaired vision, slow internet connections or those using mobile phone and PDAs.

Annoyed by website that display information, only for you to find that when you print the pages the right hand site of the page is missing ? Or the use of frames means you get multiple pages just for a few lines of data ?

Our data pages have been designed to print easily (and completely) on virtually any desktop printer.
Note. Printing is for your personal use only and no information may be reproduced without permission.


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The International Hotel and Travel Directory has been compiled and published by Intercontex Media Ltd.
The copyright is vested by the authors and the Registred Company. The Database, layout and arrangement is copyright protected. The database, text, logos and pictures, contain information, which was been given by the owners of the relevant advertisers for the purpose to the published. No reproduction, scanning, recording transmitting via the internet or any other means of reproduction for commercial purpose without the consent of Intercontex Media Ltd. is prohibited. Intercontex does not allow any data to be used to prepare other commercial directories or publications. Intercontex has built in traps for security reasons to find any offender or any copyright breach and shall take criminal action in any case of breach their copyright.

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Main On-Line Directory Features

Comprehensive world contact information

Local information on each country

Text size can be set large to aid vision

Simple and easy web site navigation

Mobile phone and PDA compatible

Data pages designed for desktop printers


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