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I P I Publications's  future mission is to build on the success of its existing directories by revealing
signifigant new tourist destinations and attractions.

Over the years  I P I  has published information AND Data on Europe, N. America, S. America, Africa,
The Caribbean, The Pacific, Asia, Arctic and Antarctic. We produce a range of directories that present
useful and detailed information in both large and compact format books with easy to use indexes in
several languages

Our publications are of high quality and easy to understand by everyone.

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I P I  Publications (Directory Division)

The International Yellow  Dialling Code Pages
      (A new edition is in progress and willl be available soon)

  The International Banking Directory (IBD)

   The International Tel-fax Directory (ITDI)

  The International Yellow  Pages (IYP)

The International Hotel & Travel Directory (IHTD)

      (This book is in progress and willl be available soon)

Dynasty Publications

Are you a descendant of Charlemagne?

Our publication
"The Descendants of Charlemagne"
is an invaluable reference for tracing your
royal ancestry.

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